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Matt Camden - Season 5 (2000-2001)

Here We Go Again: Matt entered his junior year at Crawford not as a married man, but still single - Heather had suffered a case of cold feet and left him standing at the altar. After a frustrating and disappointing summer of trying to remain close to her, he decided the only possible move was to break up. It was too soon to be friends, Heather told him, reassuring him that she would see him around campus.
Help: The breakup did nothing to bring Matt out of his funk, and when he scored a D on an important organic chemistry pre-test, he quickly blamed his lack of focus on Heather. Only after some soul-searching did he realize that he could really blame no one but himself.
Losers: Matt was asked to chauffeur Simon on his date with a sophomore hottie. Unfortunately, while out picking up some milk, Matt spotted a gorgeous woman dancing in a local tavern and quickly forgot about his brother. After an evening of slow dancing, they kissed goodnight out on the street. When he finally showed up at the house, Matt assured Simon that he loved him, and promised to chauffeur the following week.
. Busted: True to his word (this time), Matt provided transportation for Simon's date with spelling bee champ Marsha Chalker, who turned out to be a washout as a date. After taking Marsha home, the Camden brothers hung out together at the Promenade to "pick up chicks."
Blind: To John's dismay, Matt attempted to land a date with classmate Kim, who wanted nothing to do with him.
Broke: When Mary's credit card company threatened to take legal action against her for not paying her bills, the other Camden sibs decided to band together to help. Since none of them had any money to give her, they turned to the only possible source of cash: the twins's piggy banks, which contained over $400. Matt turned the money over to Mary, insisting she use it to pay her bills immediately.

Bye: The family staged an intervention for Mary, with Matt urging his sister to become a responsible person, which he said was the best thing he had ever done for himself. Mary was angry and unimpressed, and left with no more options, Eric and Annie sent her away to live with the Colonel and Grandma Ruth in Buffalo.

Gossip: Matt spotted a beautiful blonde in a wedding dress outside his father's church, and announced to John that he was going to marry her - without even knowing her name. After spending a week trying to find her again, they spent an evening together before she had to leave town.
Tunes: Heather left Matt a note, saying she needed to talk to him. In spite of his wearing new pants just for her (under the assumption that she wanted to get back together), she told him she was dating someone new, a professor at Crawford.
Surprise! Still down in the dumps over his relationship with Heather, Matt found himself trapped with a very romantic John and Priscilla and no way to avoid them except hiding in the bathroom. When John proposed to Priscilla, Matt had no choice but to gather up some of his belongings and head for his parents' house. To his dismay, he discovered that the Camden house had a new boarder: Mary's ex, Robbie.

Home: Feeling unwanted both at home and at the apartment, Matt sought refuge at Heather's place, interrupting a quiet afternoon for Heather and her new boyfriend. Things got worse when John informed Matt that Priscilla's parents had disowned her for becoming engaged to someone she barely knew - and the "happy" couple wanted to live together in Matt and John's apartment.

One Hundred: Matt and Simon offered a ride to Mrs. Bink and ended up sticking around at the hospital with her as she waited for the results of her annual mammogram. When she was treated badly by a young doctor, Matt came to her defense.

Kiss: Already feeling elbowed out because of John and Priscilla's engagement, Matt was even more upset to discover that John and Robbie were hanging out together. His hissy fit continued until he dropped by the apartment and saw that Priscilla had redecorated the place with "little furniture" which John quickly admitted that he hated.


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