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UD - Chris posted June 01, 2001 19:14

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UD - Chris
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posted June 01, 2001 19:14
MSNBC [www.msnbc.com] reported that hackers recently nabbed email addresses of SETI@home users.
The SETI@home server talks to the computers that are participating in the program via remote procedure calls (RPCs). In this "conversation," the SETI system sent email addresses in unencrypted text. This made it easy for someone to view the email address (if they know how to monitor the communication between two computers). The SETI hackers figured this out. As a fix, SETI no longer sends back the email address.

The same trick would not have worked on United Devices servers and members. UD servers also talk regularly to the UD members computers. But at United Devices all of the network transmission is encrypted (rather than plain text) and we do not send email addresses or passwords during each transaction. Additionally, all of our servers and databases are behind a security system that is continously monitoring the flow of traffic in and out of our system.


Chris Sherman
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