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Neue Beta

Startbeitrag von searcher am 09.06.2001 02:26

We're about to roll the next version of the UD Agent into beta. It's
better... Strong.... Faster... able to leap more molecules in a
single bound. Actually, it does have better check pointing (saves
more often) on THINK plus you'll get to be the first on your block to
see the Exodus application. .... and ....


If that were not enough - we've lining up a prize program for Beta
members. VERY IMPORTANT: If you want to be considered for prizes in
Beta you have to GIVE US YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WHEN YOU INSTALL THE BETA AGENT. If you did already then great.

Prizes in beta will be random drawings based upon email address. So
if already have beta installed (and didn't give us your email
address) uninstall and reinstall giving us your email address to
qualify for prizes.

Prizes will include UD t-shirts (really cool - will send link to
picture of the t-shirt on Monday), $10 Buy.com gift certificates, and
an undetermined cash prize. But you have to participate in beta.

Download the Beta Agent at:

Download now!

Post your bugs, experiences, issues, feedback on the Beta Message

The password is:

You can also email us at

To unsubscribe and not participate in teh UD Beta Tester Program send an email to:

Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to

The German CancerFighters


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