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UD-Monitor v1.3.1 23.06.2001 New Features:

Startbeitrag von searcher am 22.06.2001 22:27

v1.3.1 23.06.2001 New Features:

Detection of the current protein(currently - SOD or VEGF). To add new protein types, open ud_mon.ini and add "xxxx=name" under the "Protein" section.
Color indication of time since last agent's save. By default, UD Monitor will change it's icon in tray and taskbar to yellow if there was no UD Agent save in 15 minutes(and to red if in 60 minutes). Use "Settings"> "Icons..." to configure these values. Thanks to mk for his suggestion.
"Run Now" button on the ".exe to run" tab, as suggested by Andy Trayler.
Removed "Manage N cache slots" field. Also, controls on the "Cache" tab are now enabling and disabling corresponding to "Use Cache" checkbox.
"Restore" button is no longer disabled when the Agent is running. When using this button, UD Agent will be automatically closed.
Blue highlighting when moving mouse cursor over the tab headers.
Removed the "Please locate "ud.exe" message box at first start.
Browse dialog now shows only files named "UD.exe"
"Saves seen" is now resetting when switching over cache slots or restoring from backup.
Changed some of default settings.
Other small improvements.
Bugs fixed:

Finally fixed the bug with window cut-off when using "Large Fonts" display options. Although I thought that this bug was fixed in 1.3.0b, it wasn't. Thanks to everyone who reported this bug: Siggy Schwarz, water, marcelvdvliet, Harold Foppele, Jo Ampe, Tatiana Matveeva, Lorenzo Gallucci, Steve Martin, Bruce.
Also, thanks to Maciek for a lot of suggestions he sent me. Many of them were implemented in this version, and others may be implemented in future.

Known issues:

Red and Yellow warning icons aren't looking very good, because of stretching.

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