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allerseits. Nur schnell der Hinweis, daß der UD-Monitor v1.3.2 draußen ist und im DC für Euch bereit steht.

Schönes Wochenende,


Version Date(GMT+6) What's new
v1.3.2 30.06.2001 New Features:

UD Agent will be launched after you restore it from a backup, as suggested by mshige.
Some pop-up hints when holding mouse cursor over the buttons.
Possibility to auto-switch to the oldest cache slot(by date/time of download). To do it, press SHIFT-"Switch".
Fixed bugs:

Updated protein type detection routine.
Fixed: WU display sometimes could show protein's number 4057 or 4058 as a WU number, as reported by DawnWolf.
Known Issues:

Red and Yellow warning icons temporarily changing their palette to brown-yellow, after playing and exiting "Diablo II" game. This applies to version 1.3.1 too.
Rare "EAccessViolation" error message, that appears to be somehow related with Windows power management. Please mail me if you're getting such messages.



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