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UD-Mon v 1.5 eingetroffen

Startbeitrag von searcher am 29.07.2001 20:18

Hi allz,

die neue Version vom UD-Mon ist eingetroffen und kann im Download-Center geladen werden. Die Neuerungen sind:

What's new



Win9x/ME and Win2000 shutdown problems are finally solved by integrating great RX Library for Delphi(in replacement of some components that were used before).
UD Monitor's short "hangs" when closing/starting UD Agent reduced.

New features:

Send/Receive function. Not completely automatic currently.
An option for playing sound in the moment of WU completion. Sounding of other events will probably be added in the future. If you want, you could download sample "Intel Inside" sound for use with this option(sorry, but I don't know what sounds does AMD produce :-)

WU completion logging.

All completed WUs now could be logged into a text file(UDm Logs\WUs.txt in the UD Monitor's folder). It also logs WU's protein, but don't trust it much, as UD Monitor often detects it incorrectly.

Option for always minimizing to tray.

"Visible Tabs" option, allows to hide some of the program's main screen tabs.


Input fields for numbers were replaced with RXLib ones.

No longer allows to start multiple instances of UD Monitor from same directory, as suggested by Ilia Khait.

UD Monitor now directly tracks changes in UD directory and updates itself momentally as they occur. Thanks again to RXLib. "Refresh info..." option in "Settings" is now only used for refreshing "Elapsed Time" labels, and renamed correspondingly.

"Location" setting on Backup tab moved to "Settings" window.

Happy Crunching


The German CancerFighters


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