Endlich mal wieder ein neuer UD-Monitor... ;))

Startbeitrag von s. am 10.09.2001 07:00

Datum: 10.09.01 08:15
v1.5.5 10.09.2001 Fixes

Newly created cache slots are shown as having WUs if "Use same cs.ud..." option is selected, as reported by GTFreak.
Probability of cache slots wrongly being detected as empty is eliminated. Thanks for reports to GTFreak and QuarkBomb.
Some "risky" functions that may be the cause of incompatibility with NT were removed.
New Features

Possibility to select sounds for playing when UD Monitor changes it's icon color to Yellow or Red warnings.
"Stable" column added to the download section above.
A version is considered "stable" if no serious bugs found/reported in a couple of days after release. If you price reliability above new features, you may wait until then before upgrading.


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