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UD Monitor v1.6.0 ... 29.09.2001 ... New Features :

Startbeitrag von Ticker am 29.09.2001 14:21

UD Monitor v1.6.0 ... 29.09.2001 ...

New Features :

An option to display and log WU's file sizes. For now I can't say if it's related with the time required to process a WU.

Send/Receive should send multiple results at once.

The "Please wait" and "About..." windows are now being aligned to the Monitor's window.

"Mute all sounds" checkbox allows to temporarily disable sounding of all events.

Fixes :

Shift-Switch was switching to the oldest slot not counting the current one, as noticed by Orbi-tel.

Possible problem with the deletion of the Intel and P2P bitmaps -- one of them could stay undeleted -- fixed.

DL in unserem DL-Center !!


We are the real CancerFighters !!!


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