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Preisvergabe eingestellt - aber wir hatten sowieso nie eine Chance...

Startbeitrag von searcher am 01.11.2001 05:01

Preisvergabe eingestellt - aber wir hatten sowieso nie eine Chance...

posted October 31, 2001 22:25     United Devices has decided to discontinue all cash and prize promotions indefinitely. This decision, effective November 1, 2001, was prompted by the current economic climate and our desire to be very conservative with our expenses. Before making this decision, we conducted in-depth research of our Member Community and determined that most of you are motivated by helping others through our research projects and that most of you are not very motivated by the possibility of winning prizes. Based on this analysis, we plan to continue to make contributions to the Make-A-Wish Foundation on your behalf.
Although this was a tough decision, we feel this was the best decision for us to make. We certainly appreciate all the contributions of our Member Community to help find a cure for cancer, and we will continue to work with the University of Oxford and the NFCR to complete the cancer project. Together we believe we can continue to advance the cause of science. We hope you can understand and accept our decision to eliminate promotions, and we certainly want you to stick with us during these tough economic and emotional times as we continue to work together on a common cause for which we can all claim victory. Again, thanks for your understanding as we move forward to find a cure together.



Tim Williams
Member Services
United Devices


We are the real CancerFighters !!!


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