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System Upgrade Complete

Startbeitrag von searcher am 18.06.2002 18:42

System Upgrade Complete
UD - Tim
UD Employee
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Member Rated: posted June 18, 2002 15:38

The system upgrade scheduled for yesterday has been completed. There are a substantial number of Agents trying to connect to the servers and it may take several hours for your Agent to successfully connect to the server, return its results and download the new software.

This upgrade to the 3.0 version of the UD Agent contains many improvements to the "back-end" for managing applications and running jobs as well as better behavior of the Agent when it communicates with the server to return results. Also, with this upgrade the UD Agent will not run on a device using Windows '95. While we have not officially supported Win '95 for several months, the Agent would run on Win '95, but that is no longer the case.


Tim Williams
Member Services
United Devices, Inc.


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