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Member Newsletter - July 2002 Issue

Startbeitrag von searcher am 24.06.2002 22:00

Member Newsletter - July 2002 Issue
UD - Robert
UD Employee
Member # 16662

posted June 24, 2002 20:29
United Devices Member Newsletter — July 2002 Issue

This newsletter covers the following:
- System status
- An update on the cancer research project from the CEO
- Cruncher picnic wrap-up
- UD Forums


System Status

We upgraded to the 3.0 version of the MetaProcessor platform on June 17, 2002, and despite extensive testing, several problems were uncovered after the upgrade. At this time all problems have been diagnosed and fixed, or in some cases a temporary repair has been made while the permanent fix can be tested.

We know many of you experienced delays when connecting to the server, or were unable to connect at all. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We appreciate your continued patience and support for this project.

If you ever experience a problem with the UD Agent, please check the Known Issues section of the UD Forums. As problems are identified, they are listed here so you know it's being worked on and when it has been fixed.

Here are the current Known Issues: ( [forum.ud.com] )

- ISSUE: Windows 95 will give the following error when you try to start the UD Agent.
"Entry Point Not Found The Procedure Entry Point GetFileAttribuiteExA cound not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.DLL."The problem is associated with the latest version of the UD Agent, version 3.0 (2809), and the Kernel32.dll version in Windows 95, 95A, 95B (OSR2.1) and 95C(OSR2.5).
- UPDATE: There is no work-around available because there is no updated Kernel32.dll for Windows 95 that provides that function. United Devices ceased official testing and support for Windows 95 in version 2.1 of the Agent.

- ISSUE: A harmless open listening port on TCP/IP port 7879 is currently in place on some agents due to a migration issue. If you find your agent listening on port 7879 the problem will be fixed within a day. The server will correct the behavior and no update is needed or effort is required on your part. Please feel free to block the port if you are concerned with the behavior.
- UPDATE: The problem should be solved at this time.

- ISSUE: Some points and CPU time are mismatched between Web stats and the stats within the agent. Within the next 24 hours those numbers should sync up. No data has been lost; it is simply a display issue that is being corrected on the server end. This may mean that your points or CPU time may temporarily appear slightly lower or much greater than expected until these values resync.
- UPDATE: A fix has been applied. The next time your agent connects you should see the correct CPU time in your agent.

- ISSUE: On some computers, restarting from checkpoint is not reliable. We are investigating this problem and will release a correction for it as soon as we have one ready.
- UPDATE: Problem has been identified and a fix is in the works.

- ISSUE: Occasional issues with handing out work have caused some problems getting enough work to all hosts.
- UPDATE: The problem has been identified and we are testing several options at this time.


An Update on the Cancer Research Project from the CEO

Thanks to the continued dedication of our project Members, the Intel-United Devices-NFCR Cancer Research project proved more successful then we could ever have anticipated. It was so successful that we will begin a second phase of the project shortly to continue this groundbreaking research. The first phase, using the THINK application to identify key "hits", is complete. The second phase will further refine these initial hits by running them through a different application called LigandFit.

United Devices is still working in partnership with the National Foundation for Cancer Research, Oxford University and Dr. Graham Richards. His team will continue to receive the results and work diligently to advance cancer research. During this transition time, Members will notice the new application running, evidenced by a new name and graphics. Otherwise, we are simply continuing the same research with the ultimate goal of finding more effective drugs with few side effects to fight cancer.

We would like to thank Keith Davies, author of THINK, for all his contributions to this project.

A word from Dr. Graham Richards on the science behind the project:
The screen saver project has been an enormous success. It has involved well over a million and a half personal computers in more than two hundred countries, yielding in excess of 200,000 years of CPU time. With such power it has proved possible to screen three and a half billion molecules against a range of cancer targets and, in a three week burst, against the anthrax toxin.

Now we can look to the future and use this incredible power to extend the project using computationally more demanding but more reliable methods. The THINK software has the virtue of incredible speed with a very light demand on data transfer. We now intend to use the more sophisticated LigandFit software, an improvement made possible by virtue of the power that the user community has made available. We believe that the scoring function, which indicates just how good hits are likely to be, is more accurate than the crude but fast methods used hitherto. Our obvious next step is to take the lists of hits generated so far and to run them by the newer software so as to generate a smaller list of more accurately generated hits, thus leading to a more tractable set of potential drugs to synthesize and test.

Happy crunching!

Best Regards,

Ed Hubbard
CEO & Founder
United Devices


Cruncher Picnic Wrap Up

The first "world-wide" cruncher picnic was held on June 8, 2002. Crunchers from far and wide came together at several locations to share some food, drink and fun. We'd like to extend a big Texas sized thank you to the chief organizer, lilmagnolia. She made all this happen! Please visit the Picnic section of the UD Forums for a complete wrap-up, including pictures. ( [forum.ud.com] )


About the UD Forums

Since we have many new Members joining this project every month, we would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone what a tremendous resource the UD Forums are. The forums are our "front line" of support where we post current information about system changes, reported problems or exciting project news. And if you need help or just want to ask a question, there is Start Here: For New Members , Community-maintained FAQs and the Member-to-Member Support.

There are several sections designated for less serious discussions, such as the UD Member Lounge, Udder Nonsense and Humour, Games, Trivia & Polls. However, while the discussion may be less serious, the rules still apply and any discussion or content deemed offensive will be deleted immediately.

We are fortunate to have devoted group Members moderating the forums. If you're wondering what the moderator does, they help keep the topics on target, offer assistance and make this a positive place to exchange information. We greatly appreciate everyone that has volunteered for this additional responsibility.


Thanks for your help,
Your UD Member Services Team


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