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UD : Things to come...

Startbeitrag von searcher am 26.10.2002 13:49

Things to come

UD - Moose
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posted October 25, 2002 23:49


This is a quick update to let you know that we are finailizing things with the next version of LigandFit. We are hopefull that we will have a release ready to go soon and information on exactly that will be will come later.

Cancer project work will be updated at that time with new data and proteins to come. We are currently finalizing this data. New data formats with the new version of LigandFit has slowed things down somewhat but we are seeing the end of the road. The new features are exciting from both a user point of view and a science point of view. Many long hours have gone into producing this next version. I'd really like to thank those in BETA who have helped us out.

More information to come as it is available.

Stats... Stats have moved to a nightly refresh as 0330 UTC. This is a once a day update and was choosen as the best time between Europe and North America. This time hits when it makes sense that users in Europe and North America might be in bed instead of at work/play/school. Sorry for those not in those areas we were unable to find a time that makes sense for all users in all areas of the world.

Thats it for now. Look for more infor to come in the following week


Paul Gentle
United Devices
Senior Test Engineer



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