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Review, bug

Startbeitrag von Gerd Steinebach am 16.11.2000 14:08

Dear Merten,

I am a FORTRAN programmer since many years in the field of mathematical models for river flow simulation and numerics for ODEs and DAEs.
JAPI is the software I ever searched for. Within half a day I could program a GUI for the visualisation of rainfall in a catchment without any problems. Before that I used Delphi with system calls to FORTRAN executables and had several difficulties with the object oriented features.
I highly recommend JAPI for other users.

I found that the character function j_getkeychar causes a runtime error. Until this bug is fixed I propose to use j_getkeycode.

Best regards



RE: Review, bug

Hi Gerd,

thanks for your statement. Indeed, FORTRAN and japi causes an error with j_getkeychar(). Other programming languages are NOT affected. I will fix this bug as soon as possible. Watch out for the news...


von Merten - am 17.11.2000 13:42
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