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link problem

Startbeitrag von Thomas Wriedt am 30.01.2001 11:36

I encountered the following problem:

LIBJAPI.A(japilib.o)(.text+0x1e):japilib.c: undefined reference to `usleep'

Any ideas what to do.



Hi Thomas,

you told me, that you are using the nfortran compiler (www.nfortran.com) which is based on the cygwin g77 compiler. Indeed, nfortran comes with all exectutables and libraries you need to pogram Fortran.

But Japi is C-based. So you need some C-librarier which comes with cygwin, but not with nfortran. If you want to use the IDE of nfortran the best way is: Download the cygwin tools and replace the bin and the lib directory of nfortran\G77 with the bin and lib directory of cygwin. I have tested it, and it works well.


von Merten Joost - am 02.02.2001 12:07
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