Gui editor ?

Startbeitrag von Mik am 21.02.2001 21:55

Is there a gui editor or a java to JAPI (.c) translator for JAPI ?

Thanks !

Good job, Merten.



>Is there a gui editor

No, currently there is no gui Editor, although it seems to be a nice project.

> or a java to JAPI (.c) translator for JAPI ?

because java is pure object oriented and C (pascal, fortran, basic) is not, i see no chance for writing a java2C translator.

Have fun


von merten - am 27.02.2001 16:41
We could dump the component tree of a running java gui into a "parseable" string and then translate it into JAPI-C.

Keep up the good work !



von Mik - am 27.02.2001 21:50
Have you ever tried this? Even if it is possible, you will only get the GUI of the java program. What's about the rest of the program?

have fun,

von Merten - am 01.03.2001 13:36
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