How to start with JAPI

Startbeitrag von Hans-Jürgen Larisch am 21.03.2001 08:11

As a newcomer I wanted to test JAPI but ran into problems:

Trying to compile in WIN NT the example program "frame.f" with "g77 frame.f -oframe -ljapi" I got the following error messages:

d:\g77\lib\libjapi.a(japilib.o)(.text+0x1e):japilib.c: undefined reference to `usleep'
d:\g77\lib\libjapi.a(japilib.o)(.text+0x549):japilib.c: undefined reference to `setsockopt'


By the way: JRE is installed; japi.lib, japi.dll and libjapi.a exist. The PATH to G77 and the LIBRARY_PATH are set to the directories.

Can anyone give me a hint how to get rid of these messages.

Thanks, Hans-Jürgen


Could you tell us what you downloaded and which g77 are you using? I do not understand why you have japi.dll with libjapi.a I am suspecting you are mixing different libraries.

Some libraries require for you to link libwsock32.a

>g77 -o frame frame.f -ljapi -lwsock32



von Abdul - am 22.03.2001 07:19
From the JAPI website I downloaded japi.f and (19-mar-2001) together with and (22-jan-2001).

The G77-version which I used for compilation is of jul-1999 (version 0.5.25 - GCC-2.95).

BTW, in my lib-directory there is no libwsock32.a



von Hans-Jürgen Larisch - am 22.03.2001 16:36
I am still confused as to how you got

First do you have g77 (Cygwin) or g77(Mingwin32)

If you have g77 (Cygwin), the proper way to download is you click Download then on the download page you click g77 (Cygwin). This takes you directly to the files you require ( japi.f and and these are all that is required. The only other files on the win32 g77 are examples and the library source. No dlls

So please download the right files first.



von Abdul - am 22.03.2001 18:16
I asume you are using an older mingw gcc compiler
distributed with cygwin (-mno_cygwin flag) which is
incomplete or another old mingw32 distro.
With the mingw compiler you should definitly have
libwsock32.a !

You should use the newer version from
For example the 'mingw gcc-2.95.2-1 snapshot' which
is very stable

Download the 5 files and take a look at the site and the mailing lists.

But be aware that the mingw gcc distribution is not
fully posix compatible but more like the MS compiler
Try out the -D_WIN32 and -D_MSC defines when
compiling jabilib.c







von C. Kleffner - am 24.03.2001 16:26
i will try to support the mingw compiler family as soon as possible :-)


von Merten - am 26.03.2001 16:44
Thanks in advance - I guess this will solve my problems.


von Hans-Jürgen Larisch - am 27.03.2001 08:10
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