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Using japi-server located on another system possib

Startbeitrag von C. Kleffner am 24.04.2001 10:47

Hi !

Is it possible to connect a process (say on a UNIX workstation) to a japi-server located on another system (Win NT for example)?
The IP-number of the system with the japi-process should be known of course and PORT 1053 should be open, but are there other restrictions?



Re: Using japi-server located on another system po

Yes, this is possible. I know this feature is not very well documented, but i'm working on it ;-)

What you have to is:

1) First, start a japi server on your DISPLAY host. This can be done with the following statements

begin prog
end prog

The japiserver is implemented as a damon, once it is started, it stays on the machine waiting for new connections.

2) On your RUNNING host you should use
instead of
have a look at the reference manual for j_connect()

You will have the native look and feel on your DISPLAY host, whatever the platform of the RUNNING host is. All file accesses (j_loadimage() etc.) are transfered from the lib to the server, so you don't need a common filesystem, with one exception: The filedialogbox shows the filesystem of your DISPLAYHOST. I'm working on a new j_fileselector to overcome this problem.

Have fun, Merten

von merten - am 24.04.2001 11:36

Re: Using japi-server located on another system po

Using japi on SGI

Is it possible to run Japi on SGI computers ?

If not now, when or what does it take?

von Oyvind Sylta - am 25.04.2001 11:19

Re: Using japi-server located on another system po

Japi should run on all Sytems with:

1) Multitasking
2) C compiler
3) JAVA runtime (1.1, 1.2, 1.3 but NOT 1.0)
4) Network ability (TCP/IP)

so, japi should run on all UNIX Systems(AIX, SGI, HPUX MacOs X, Beos etc.), but i have no access to those platfoms. So you have to compile the sources by yourself.

download the sources from linux/gcc or linux/g77
(or solaris/xxx) and try to type make. Maybe it will run without any changes.

There is a guy outside who got JAPI running on SGI. I will try to contact him again.


von Merten - am 25.04.2001 13:01
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