Java runtime error

Startbeitrag von Luigi Forlano am 01.06.2001 13:56


I have downloaded everything was indicated. With Windows 98 it works very nice. The problem occur with linux (mandrake 8.0). When I type "jre" whatever I am appear the usual jre options. During the compilation everything it's OK, but when run the executable this is the answer:

Does anybody knows what is happening? Please consider I have jre1.1.8_v1.

Thank you very much in advance.



Have you ever got a pure java program running? You can test your jre with the JAPI Kernel, which is written to your current directory after starting a japi program.

You will find a file called "JAPI.jar". Now you could test your jre:
"jre -cp ./JAPI.jar JAPI"

If you get the same error as before, something in your java installation is getting wrong.

If you get no error, the JAPI Kernel is running, waiting for a japi program to contact.

Then your japi programs should run.

Merten Joost

von Merten - am 02.06.2001 13:36
Now it is OK. I have installed a new java version (jre118-v3) and everything work fine.
Thank you very much!

von Luigi Forlano - am 05.06.2001 10:35
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