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japi with DIGITAL Visual Fortran 6

Startbeitrag von saud am 03.06.2001 14:50

I would like to know how to run JAPI using DIGITAL Visual Fortran 6. I am a beginer with. so please consider this in the reply. Thankyou


JAPI can be used with each language/compiler which is able to link C-programmed DLL's. This is what i have found at compaq's web sites:

Mixed Language Programming Support:

Mixed-language programming is the process of building programs in which the source code is written in two or more languages. Compaq Visual Fortran can be used with other 32-bit versions of Microsoft languages like Visual C++, Visual Basic, and MASM (Microsoft assembler). Mixed language development is especially easy in combination with Microsoft Visual C++ 6. All minor versions of Compaq Visual Fortran Version 6 use the same Microsoft Developer Studio IDE that is used with Visual C++ 6. Having a common IDE with Microsoft Visual C++ enables you to edit, debug, compile, and link Fortran and C/C++ modules transparently. Fortran object modules may be linked directly with your C/C++ program. It also possible to create Fortran DLLs and use MFC in Visual C++ 6 to create "wrappers" for the DLLs. OLE objects can also be created in this manner.

It seems, that you can link your Fortran programms direct to the Microsoft C DLL. So there is no reason, why you cannot use JAPI with Visual Fortran

Have fun,


von Merten - am 05.06.2001 14:36
Done ;-)

have fun


von Merten - am 12.06.2001 13:29
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