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How to connect fortran subroutines with japi?

Startbeitrag von Oliver Spuhl am 27.09.2001 14:46

i wondered how to connect my fortran77 program - which is already written - with japi. i thought of connecting each single subroutine somehow with a button or window or whatever is needed. but i don't have a clue how to exchange variables within the gui and back to the mathematic subroutines. i am a real newbe in prgraming my engineering stuff into a gui.
Question: Is there any help beside the great documention, which mostly deals with how to handle the gui components? maybe an example? I know the question is not really specific, but it's a general problem. ;-)
Thanks for help


In my opinion the best way to learn programming with japi is to play with the examples that comes with japi. I recommend the following order:

1) simple
2) frame
3) simplemenu
4) menu
5) canvas

If you understand these 5 little examples, you should be able to programm first simple applications, like


Most of the other examples are component specific. If you want to know, how to use radiobuttons or choices look at the

radiobutton or

examples. Hove this helps


von Merten - am 11.10.2001 15:49
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