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Problem with "j_getitem" ?

Startbeitrag von Cousin am 26.09.2002 00:19

Hi ,

I have a problem with the char function "j_getitem" in fortran. I obtain a segmentation error at execution. I think this error provides from the third argument because I don't understand what is its exact signification and I don't find any details in JAPI manual: if "j_getitem" is a function which returns directly the label of the nth item of the list, which value must be given to this third argument ? Is there an example to use it somewhere ?

Thank you very much.


As far as I kown , it is not a function but a subroutine .
The last parameter is the character string you want .
See the ref manual about Fortran .
Greetings Menno

von menno - am 26.09.2002 13:34

Re: Problem with


your all right, j_getitem() is a function in C and a subroutine in Fortran. This is, because Fortran can't return a string of arbitrary length.

The function need a buffer where to store the label ot the item. This is the third parameter. The return value is allways the same as the third parameter. It's sometimes usefull, to have dirct access to this value,

char mystring[256];

Hope this helps,


von Merten - am 27.09.2002 08:59
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