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adding additional java functions to javalib

Startbeitrag von Anshuman am 03.12.2002 17:53

I have a few java functions which I want to access through my fortran code. I want these java functions to be available through javalib. However, I am not sure how to recompile the javalib and how to add these java classes to javalib. Any insights will be appreciated.



Well, this is not as easy at it seems. This is, because the JAVA Libs are not directly linked to your application.

There is a independend JAVA-application running in parallel to your programm, called the JAPI_kernel. Your application is binded to the JAPI-kernel via TCP/IP sockets.

If you want to add additional functions, you have first to patch the JAPI-kernel to provide them. In a second step you have to patch the japilib.c to generate appropriate socket calls the the kernel. The easiest way to understand japi, is to have a look at the sources, and follow the way of a concret j_function call. This includes both, the japilib.c and the java-source, which you will find in the java directory of the complete source tree.

Have Fun


von Merten - am 04.12.2002 10:48
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