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Tree and tabbed pane ?

Startbeitrag von Cousin am 28.02.2003 21:29

Hi Merten,

Is it possible to create "trees" and "tabbed panes" with JAPI v1.0.6?




No, because the AWT does'nt support such components.

But, the future of japi will be JAVA nomore. I'm working on a new version of JAPI, which is based on wxWindows.
I'v tested a lot of alternatives:

1) swing
2) Qt
3) GTK
4) wxWindows

and wxWindows is the only one which support the following issues:

1) win32, unix, mac
2) printing support
3) openGL support
4) open source
5) possible to make a real library without additional needs (like java runtime)

and wxWindows supports more GUI-components then AWT like tree, tabbed panels, sliders, spinners etc.

Have Fun


von Merten - am 04.03.2003 10:22

Then, in the next versions of JAPI based on WxWindows, will you keep however the same functions' calls (j_start, j_frame, j_menu, j_menubar etc ...) and the same syntax than in the previous versions of japi based on AWT ?

In other words, will you maintain any compatibility between these versions ?


von Cousin - am 04.03.2003 20:47
Good choice,

however be aware that wxwindows has a reputation of not being
stable at least on some unixes. For me I was not able to get wxwindows
compiled on HP-UX 11.0. Never found binaries or instructions or sucess
stories for HUPX. Seems that is wxwindows more or less unsupported
on some UNIX platforms. Maybe I should try the newer version.
My feeling is that the preferred platforms for wxwindows is win32 and
Linux ( and maybe OS-X).

GTK is more or less Unix specific. The win32 version however becomes
more and more stable.

Another alternative is fltk. It does have printing support and even support for
UTF-8 (fl_device, fltk-utf8) see the fltk bazaar on fltk.org. The printing support
is however limited to the basic widget sets. OPENGL objects cannot be
printed from the canvas. fltk is widely portable and very fast and small.

wxwindows big advantage is of course the native look and feel, a big advantage
for windows users.



von Carl - am 05.03.2003 12:20
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