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image format of j_saveimage

Startbeitrag von Ming am 05.07.2003 07:36

The two available image format for j_saveimage are PPM and BMP. Sometimes this will result in a huge file size and long execution time. Are there any tips to tackle the problem?




yes I think there is a possibility. Can we discuss in german language?

von Tasso - am 07.07.2003 18:48
Hi, Tasso,

Very unfortunately I do not understand Germany language and neither are my friends.

If you don't mind let's try to communicate in English and see how we can go


von Ming - am 11.07.2003 08:29
Hallo Ming,

my OS is Linux Suse 8.0 and Suse 8.2. The programmlanguage is C.
To convert the graphic-files from on format to the other I am using the software "ImageMagick".
You can download it from the internet for free.

After installing this software you may convert the files in your application like :
system convert file.png file.jpg

It works fine.
In the man-pages you may have a look for a lot of formats and options.

Kind regard

von Tasso - am 16.07.2003 11:25
How can I save an image generated under Canvas in a quick and
concise way (jpg format for example)?
Thanks, David

von David - am 12.10.2004 13:39
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