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Startbeitrag von Thorkild Sørensen am 03.12.2003 16:48


I've been reading some "old" posts in this forum that new versions of JAPI will not use Java. My purpose of using JAPI is that I want a c++ application to be controlled by a GUI running on a PDA. If you change the communication into normal shared memory or whatever, the option of running the GUI on another device will be removed, or have you thought of this??

In the package I downloaded I can see that you have started to do some Swing conversion from awt. Is this going to go on??

What I'm really missing in JAPI is tabbed panes, which is possible with Swing. If you are not going to develop the Java version any further wouldn't you agree that it will be a fairly simple task to implement the tabbed panes myself by looking at your code for panels and frames.? Especially if I only make the c version.

Best Regards
Thorkild Sørensen - Stud. Polyt @ AAU


If you need some example swing based code this link may help:


von brad - am 19.01.2004 22:02
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