can't make fortran executable

Startbeitrag von armen am 04.04.2005 10:56

when compiling g77 -o test.f test, I am getting an undefined reference to MAIN__ error, does anyone know what this is from? I am only using fortran without c/c++.



first the correct command for g77 is:

g77 -o test test.f -> for Unix-like systems
g77 -o test.exe test.f -> for Windows

If you use japi routines you have to add:

g77 test.f -o test -ljapi -> for Unix
g77 test.f -o test -ljapi -lwsock32 -> for Windows

If you use Windows (what I guess) and you have only the g77 (MinGW) package installed the wsock32 library is not included. You have to look for 'libwsock32.a' and copy the library to your lib-directory. I don't know whether libwsock32.a is available separately or not. If not you can download the whole MinGW package 'MinGW-3.1.0-1.exe' from and use it instead of your g77-distribution. MinGW contains all necessary libs and files for FORTRAN, C, C++ etc. The g77 distribution contains really necessary files for fortran only.

I hope this helps. If I am wrong and you are not a Windows/MinGW-g77 user please let me know.

Best reagards,


PS: Read the documentation on carefully. 'MSYS-1.0.10.exe' is not really necessary except you want to use 'make'.

von Hani - am 06.04.2005 13:30
copy and paste error:

the correct command has to be:

g77 test.f -o test.exe -ljapi -lwsock32 -> for Windows
g77 -o test.exe test.f -ljapi -lwsock32

von Hani - am 06.04.2005 13:35
great. thank you

von armen - am 07.04.2005 07:21
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