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DOS windows - that all I get

Startbeitrag von Tuli Herscovici am 18.12.2005 15:52


Great package! Congrats

I followed the instructions, downloaded everything.
I use Microsoft (former Compaq) Visual Fortran.
I compiled the GRAPHIC.F file, made sure c:\jre gave me a response and placed JAPI.F in the same directory where GRAPHIC.F, and JAPI.LIB are.

when I execute I just get a DOS window and nothing happens.

Q: do I have to compile also JAPI.F? when I do that, I get an error:
Compiling Fortran...
F:\TRAVEL\JAVA\TEST\japi.f(1171) : Error: Syntax error, found END-OF-FILE when expecting one of: ; BLOCK BLOCKDATA PROGRAM TYPE COMPLEX BYTE CHARACTER ...
Error executing df.exe.

japi.obj - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

Plese advise




Dear Tuli,

You must not compile japi.f. Your main program (or demo program) will integrate japi.f in the source with the statement INCLUDE "japi.f". Therefore japi.f has to be in text format and has to be stored in the same directory as your sources.

I do not know VF at all, so I can not help you in this case. But maybe the japi-library japi.lib has to be in your library folder and not in the current directory. Please refer your documentation concerning third-party libraries.

Japi connects to the local japi server via a socket. Many personal firewalls prevent these (in their eyes) unauthorised connections. E.g. the Windows XP Service Pack 2 firewall displays a warning message if you start a japi program. Maybe there is the problem.



von Hani - am 13.01.2006 13:29
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