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the Backloop is easy!

Startbeitrag von arno seitz am 09.08.2001 13:20

Step 1
Kite Position is the most important thing with this move. Start as you would a normal jump. The kite is down low, about 15 feet off the water, and heading in the direction that your travelling. Drop your center of gravity slightly but not to much (You'll have to bend the knees later to help initiate your spin) at the same time turn your kite up and back across the wpower zone at an angle of about 60 to 75 degrees to the horizon. You will feel lift generate in the kite. Resist it as much as possible.

Step 2

Just before releasing the lift pressure to flight you'll need to initiate your spin. Do this by shoot the board out in front of you and edge hard up wind. You should be edgeing hard up on release. Now follow through the spin by throwing your back leg over your lead shoulder and tuck or pull your feet in. Becarefull not to over rotate by bringing your feet in to much for to long.

When reaching the apex or the top of your jump or power surge you MUST turn the kite gently back into the original direction of motion. You'll find that the lift will feel increased during this movement and slow your decent. Remember to compensate your rotation for this occurance.

Step 3

Start Looking for your landing as soon as your inverted. When you spot your landing and get your bearings on height you will be able to control you spin rate by extending your legs or retracting them to slow or speed your spin rate respectively. Do not extend your legs all the way. You'll need that to land. If your have to much spin and know your overotating tuck in and speed up and go for the double. The instant before landing kick out and extend your legs fully to stop rotation and bend again for cushioning.

After bringing your kite gently back into the direction of motion, you will find that you can land safely and then power the kite down and accelerate away.

Check this out and go for it.



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