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news von P. Lynn bez. ARC

Startbeitrag von gerry am 13.08.2001 11:20

Hi hier der letzte Newsletter vom Meister aus NZ. Übrigens: einige der ARCs, die wir jetzt ausliefern, verfügen schon über die hier angesprochenen Neuerungen!

"Now, lots of things to announce: like three new kites and a

Firstly, there are rumours going around of new generation Arcs about
to hit
the shops-
THIS IS NOT TRUE, there are no new generation Arcs about to appear,
now or
What we do is continually try minor changes and when we are sure these
and don't cause unexpected problems after at least 6 months serious
they are fed into production.
In the last 12 months we have increased valve area to speed inflation
made minor changes to some panels to improve reliability, and more
to increase de-power and decrease stalling.
The Arcs we are selling now are consequently a lot better than those
of a
year or more ago. Bigger valves have proved to be a real boon by
inflation better as well as faster. Many puzzling effects disappear
inflation improves.

A discovery: "Wedging"

The small changes we have been making to improve de-power and decrease
stalling have also worked very well. They have the generic name of
"wedging", and derive from a fundamental breakthrough in
Fortunately these changes are easily retro-fittable so that even very
Arcs can be bought up to the latest specifications in respect to
Various ways to "wedge" Arcs are now fairly common knowledge around
kitesurfing world. Specific descriptions are included at the end of
newsletter and are available on our web site.
Long before wedging, to build more de-power into Arcs we had tried
progressively reducing tip sweep back. Unfortunately, straighter
edges take away much of the inherent resistance to catastrophic
collapse- to the point when minor damage, porosity, wet fabric,
sections, or just poor inflation could set it off . By later '00 we
settled on the minimum sweep back required for reliability.

The principle behind wedging, is basically a way to allow serious
de-powering of the central span (power producing) part of the kite
risking shoulder collapsing by reducing tip sweep back. On 29th March
we made a patent application for this (510825).

And, three new Arc style kites:

A Training Arc, the "T-Arc", This is Dominique Scholte's design.
is Peter Lynn Products manager at Vlieger Op) It's a wow. At 130/0.8
is the perfect training kite for kitesurfing. It's stackable, 2 line
or 4
line as you want and very fast without requiring jet jockey reactions.
There will be a few coming in to Holland over the next few months but
realistically, volume availability isn't expected until next season.

Also, a new size kitesurfing Arc- the 1410/10.0 Currently in very
supply as all we have are the few we can make each week here in NZ,
will be available in volume as soon as a production gap becomes
They have excellent de-power, height and hang and, the general view
seems to
be, a little more power for their size than a similar size bladder

And, a completely new high performance Arc for buggying, possibly to
called the "H-Arc". Designed by Artur Bosche and Michel Dekker at
Vlieger Op
with an aspect ratio of 7 (for the 6sq.m. projected size), they have
spectacular turning and upwind performance plus characteristic Arc
stability. Higher performance is possible because many of the design
compromises currently necessary for kitesurfing don't apply for
(especially that the loads are much lower). We have now started to
make one
or two per week in NZ, continually using, refining and gradually
production- so there will be no general availability for this season
least, although the odd example might show up in use here and there.

Peter Lynn, Ashburton, 1 August '01"


Hallo Gerry

Ich kann mir zu diesem Thema einen Kommentar nicht ganz verkneifen...

wo Licht da auch Schatten könnte man sagen, denn die gewedgten Arcs sind nicht unbedingt für jeden Beutzer die bessere Wahl.

Mehr Speed, schnellere Reaktion auf Lenkinputs und das insgesamt agressivere Flugverhalten sind für Anfänger nicht unbedingt optimal - und zur Zeit sind ja 95% der Kitesurfer als Anfänger einzustufen.

Aus meiner Sicht hat die 840er ARC durch das Wedging an Leistung gewonnen und an Gutmütigkeit verloren.

-1Bf höheres Top End bei der 840er
- 1/3 höhere und weitere Sprünge
- präziseres schnelleres Lenken
- agressivere Gesamtcharakteristik

Wenn ich mich in Podersdorf so umschau scheinen aber die meisten Anfänger ja ohnehin Wettkampmaschinen zu bevorzugen, daher wird das bestimmt niemenden stören ,-))

Wer mehr wissen will: im neuen Afficionado! online Kitemagazin Nummer 1 auf www.psn.at gibts einen ausführlichen Artikel zum Thema


Progressive Sports Network

von Paul - Mr. Stack - am 14.08.2001 13:13
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