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Soap and how to get it work

Startbeitrag von Parianos Henri am 02.05.2011 15:37


If it is possible to get some more info about Soap call I'll apreciated.

What i did till now.

a) Make a small programm and the create the web service
b) I install this on my local pc
c) I tested using my webbrouwser (everything) seems to work
d) i wrote a smal programm to make the call
e) I always get a http time error ???

Any help will be apreciated.

Parianos Henri



See http://forum.mysnip.de/read.php?27131,95769,100210#msg-100210


von Jeff Graham - am 02.05.2011 17:23
Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your reply

Thats the way I use the soap.

gwsBaseURL is string = "http://hp_w7_pc/Pya_Services/.soap";
SOAP.Value [1] = "Check"
SOAP.Name [1] = "Par_serial"
SOAP.Type [1] = SOAPStringType
bResExecute is boolean = SOAPRun(gwsBaseURL,"Pya_check_serial_number")
IF bResExecute = True THEN
IF SOAPGetResult(SOAPResult) "" THEN
Info("Serial number : " + SOAPGetResult(SOAPResult))

this dosnt work


works from the brouwser

von Parianos Henri - am 02.05.2011 21:21
Hi Parianos,

It seems like you are trying to use the service and install it on the same machine. I think that the webservice made with WinDev must be installed on a WebDev Application server. I don't know web services protocol other than what I generated and used with WinDev.

If you install your webservice on a WebDev Application server, then in the Advanced tab you can generate a test page. That may help. Also you can get the French example: WD GenerationWebService. I can forward it to you if you can't find it on the PC Soft site. That was a big help in getting my webservice to work.


von Jeff Graham - am 04.05.2011 14:08
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