Best practice - show images on website (wb14)

Startbeitrag von Arie am 10.05.2011 19:35

I have a hfcs database holding photo's. These photo's can be handled by a windev application. Photo's are coming from a smartphone and/or digital camera.
Regular size of a photo is between 1 and 2MB. This is a requirement of my contractor.
I also defined a thumbnail of 160x160, to display the images in a looper control. Works great in a WD app.

Now we want these photo's on a website, of made in WB.
The first site I made is very slow. It holds a listcontrol with addresses. And a looper for the thumbnails.
The looper is linked to a file. When I click an address, I set HFilter for that file. And about 5 photo's are shown in a looper control. But: very very slow.
It looks like the full images are loaded. But when I right-click on the image and save it, it gives me the thumbnail.

Can anyone give me tips?
Please note: I am a webdev beginner.

In the end I also want to click a thumbnail and show a larger photo. Do I need another (bigger) thumbnail for that? I guess the original photo's are overkill for showing in a browser. I'm thinking of adding a download-button for that?


Hi Arie,

Back in WB 12 I implemented a web site with photos like you discuss: see Enter and select Used Search. It actually works quite well and uses a file with basic description and then a linked file with each photo.

The WinDev application that manages the photos has a utility for resizing large images and putting them in a linked file. I use the automatic management of thumbnails in the HF with one thumbnail. The code is below. If you have questions let me know.


IMG_Web..Visible = True
sTempFile is string = fTempFile("AcAP",fDataDir)
sTempFile = Replace(sTempFile,".tmp",".jpg",IgnoreCase)
IF sTempFile = "" THEN
sTempFile = fDataDir + "Temp.jpg"
Error("Unable to create temp file name in "+ fDataDir, "Using "+sTempFile)

PB_EqAvlInfo..Visible = True
PB_EqAvlInfo..MaxValue = HNbRec(EqAvlInfo)

PB_EqAvlInfo += 1
Message("Processing "+EqAvlInfo.ItemNbr)
IF NOT EqAvlInfo.Photo = "" THEN
sMemoInfo is string = HInfoMemo(EqAvlInfo,Photo)
// Retrieve the memo size
sFileSize is string = ExtractString(sMemoInfo, 3, TAB)
IF Val(sFileSize) > 1000000 THEN
IMG_Web..Value = EqAvlInfo.Photo
IF NOT dSaveImageJPEG(IMG_Web,sTempFile, 100) THEN
Error("Unable to save resized image.",EqAvlInfo.ItemNbr,sTempFile)
IMG_Web..Value = Null

sTempFile = Replace(sTempFile,".jpg",".tmp",IgnoreCase)


Message("Update complete.")
PB_EqAvlInfo..Visible = False
IMG_Web..Visible = False

von Jeff Graham - am 10.05.2011 22:02
Thanks Jeff,
it's working now.
The imagecontrol and the thumbnail-size (of the field in the hfcs) did not match, so every thumbnail showed the highresolution picture.

von Arie - am 13.05.2011 18:43
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