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RAD WebDev 15/16

Startbeitrag von John Gererth am 18.05.2011 09:53

Has anybody made RAD paterns for simple masterfiles (Table and form) and parent, child (form with related table) files. Older 11 RAD is unfortunate no good. New RAD version WB 12 and further is just for 1 form, 1 table or 1 vision.

What is the best way to go. 5GL without (working) RAD is a waist my time.

Regards, John


Windev's RAD is a waste of everybody's time. It's a pitiful effort when compared for instance to Clarion's RAD, which is highly useable.

However, Windev does have a reasonably good and useable window template system. I recommend using templates in Windev instead of RAD.

best regards

von Ola - am 18.05.2011 12:16
Sorry. I misread your msg. You were talking about Webdev, I about Windev. I have never used Webdev, so cannot say anything about it.


von Ola - am 18.05.2011 12:17
Templates work in WEBdev as well.
Used them in 2 small projects, so I can't say anything about large ones, where RAD will be more useful.

von Arie - am 18.05.2011 12:27
Thanks, i will try templates but it is a large project with a lot of general files.

Does anybody know of a "standard" project on which i can modify the button and code etc. Is a standard RAD provided?

Regards, John

von John Gererth - am 20.05.2011 06:42

You could try first using the RAD and then investigate the code it produced. If any of it is any good, you could use it to develop your templates.

best regards

von Ola - am 22.05.2011 10:52
Hi John,
I'm new to WinDev / WebDev but I've made a table and a form template in WindDev(16). The table template sends variables to the form, the form handles the record management (0ne file involved). The templates are not documented but they are simple to use. I'm happy to share them as example.

Kind regards,


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von Wim.pcs.crosspost - am 23.05.2011 09:26
Hi Wim,

I would like to see your templates. The problem for me is that whenever you want to put a little bit more logic (and custom functionality) into the pages. I want to use queries for the table because i want to search on different colomns. I use a Template of Web Controls for the (new, modify and delete) buttons and classes for the update, modification or delete with parameters for the filename etc. Still quite a lot of work to get it to work for a simple browse/form.

Regards, John

von John Gererth - am 23.05.2011 12:10
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