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Pdf emailed from Preview window missing data, admin rights issue

Startbeitrag von Matt O..pcs.crosspost am 20.05.2011 07:35

Hello everyone, I have a very peculiar issue. We are using Windev 11, we have no issues printing complex reports using data from multiple hyperfiles except in the following case.

A client running our application on Windows Server 2008 (with terminal services) uses de preview window to view de report, instead of closing it and letting our code continue handling the printing/emailing, they chose the button 'Email as PDF' in the preview window.
They end up with a report with lots of empty fields eventhough it was all ok in the preview window, like it suddenly lost access to the hyperfile.

The only solution we found is giving the users admin rights on the server, which the client isnt too thrilled about.

Does anyone know what is going on with the preview window? Or a work around that doesnt involve not using the preview window at all?

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Can you do something like this?

// Create a unique file name
File is string = fDataDir() + "\" + DateSys() + ...
TimeSys() + ".pdf"
// Print the report in a PDF file
iDestination(iPDF, File)
// Print the report based on the "CustomerTable" table
// Display the report in PDF format
FileDisplay(File, "application/pdf")
// Delete the file

...basically without the iPreview, but you might have to code the email bit yourself?

von DarrenF - am 20.05.2011 12:03
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