WD12 to WD16 filterStartWith code error...

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 23.05.2011 22:44

Hi guys,

Just upgraded from WD12 to WD16 - downloaded the 2gb install package. During the install, the dongle was updated with no fuss and went very smoothly.

Just in case, I made a complete copy of all my WD12 projects before converting my main project to WD16, and the only thing in the whole project that WD16 objected to was this line of code:


WD12 was quite happy with this line of code, but WD16 complains and wants me to add an "s" to "filterStartWith"...


...as though it's just been changed for the sake of it? Has anyone else had this? The Help system still refers to "filterStartWith" :confused:

I'm just hoping that this is as "bad" as it gets in the brave new world of WD16! ;-)

Anyhow... just preparing to regression test the whole of my project - wish me luck! [[5]]


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