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W Development, looking for a new task

Startbeitrag von BLS (Bjoern Lietz-Spendig) am 24.05.2011 04:03

IHi, my name is Bjoern and I am looking for a new development task.
I've just finished an Estimating/Job/Accounting Software-Project for an Australian company.
I guess it may be a matter of interest that we have started this project in Windev 12/14 and finalized it in Visual Studio / C# and the devExpress GUI Toolkit as well as an object relational database wrapper called XPO. I further guess (and I am afraid) that I am telling you that story ' cause I want to inform you. that I am speaking a couple of C-ish languages, I furher use Windev since Version 5, Webdev since 1.0, and before I forget, I think I have a very good understanding of OO Design Principles.
Finally : I am coming from Machine Engineering, so I am Not a Software-Engeneer.
In case that you have an interesting project and you think that this man could do the job... let me know. It is also possible that you send me a problem you can't solve atm. ( just to figure out what I can do for you)

Thanks for taking the time to read ,


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