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Hello everyone, I need to open a database (dbc) of visual foxpro.
If the table attached to the analysis as native access for WD, the file doesn't read well, only read 3 of the nearly 30000 records in the file. And if I do so through ODBC, then I can't use the table to create a query with the wizard.
I want to open the table, read all the records and that could create a query from it.
Someone may help me.
Thanks for your help.
I use WinDev XII with Windows Vista.

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To access VFP DBCs use the OLE/DB provider. You can download it here:

Here is a sample of how to access a a VFP DBF via OLE/DB. I am accessing the DBFs directly but the principle is the same for accessing them via DBCs.

// Define some variables for access the DBF via OLE/DB
cn_VFPData is Connection
ds_VFPData is Data Source
l_sQueryString is string

// Fill in items in the Connection
cn_VFPData..User = ""
cn_VFPData..Password = ""
cn_VFPData..Server = "localhost"
cn_VFPData..Database = ""
cn_VFPData..Source = "I:\ProgDir\DataDir"
cn_VFPData..Provider = "VFPOLEDB.1"
cn_VFPData..Access = hOReadWrite
cn_VFPData..ExtendedInfo = ""

// Open the Connection
IF NOT HOpenConnection( cn_VFPData ) THEN

// Build the query in a String variable
// -----------------
// Note 1: The variable is enclosed in double quotes so we need to use either
// single quotes or [] brackets to enclose text within the query string
// -----------------
// Note 2: This is VFP SQL here, type it as if you were going to execute it from
// the VFP command window
sQueryString = "SELECT field1, field2, filed3, field4 FROM VFP_DBF WHERE TextField='ABCD' AND NumericField=1234 AND DTOS(DateField) = '20080728'"
IF NOT HExecuteSQLQuery(ds_VFPData, cn_VFPData, hQueryWithoutCorrection, sQueryString) THEN

// Set to True to view results via the WinDev BuildBrowsingTable function
BuildBrowsingTable(TABLE_VFPData, ds_VFPData, taFillTable)
{"TABLE_VFPData._COL4"}..InputMask = "MM/DD/YYYY"

// Set to True to step through results and add them to a WinDev Table
WHILE HOut(ds_VFPData) = False
TableAddLine(TABLE_VFPData, ds_VFPData.field1, ds_VFPData.field2, ds_VFPData.field3, ds_VFPData.field4)



For more information see the following topics in the VFP help file:

How to: Access Visual FoxPro Data in Visual Studio

Language Reference for OLE DB Development

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