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How to display an external web page (WB12)

Startbeitrag von JonBoy am 07.06.2011 17:27


Can someone tell me how to link to / display an external web page from within my WB12 website please ?

The URL is in a Hyperfile and is dependent upon the product displayed / itemised on my page.

So, I'd like a generic button or link control to say, 'Link to Manufacturer web-site' and if product 1 is highlighted, then the http://www.Product1.com web site would be displayed in a new window...

I have saved the URLs within the product database (Hyperfile) and can load a string variable with the correct URL... but I cannot see how to display an external web-site page that is 'pointed to' from within the string variable which has come from the database... (or similar) !

Am I missing something really simple here ? Can someone shed some light on this one please ?

Million thanks.


You can use the URL property

von Paulo Oliveira - am 07.06.2011 18:05
A million thanks...
I'd searched (obviously not hard enough!) and couldn't find anything.
Works a treat. A million thanks Paulo.

von JonBoy - am 08.06.2011 04:52

Re: How to display an external web page (WB19)

I tried PageDisplay("www.sitename.com") on a button but it doesn't work.

Is there a way to do this using a button, instead of the link example above?

von Randall - am 26.01.2017 19:20

Re: How to display an external web page (WB19)

I also tried running the server code of the button, where I put an executeprocess to click a hidden link that had a custom destination of sitename... that didn't work either.

von Randall - am 27.01.2017 16:08

Re: How to display an external web page (WB19)

[Solved] I'm sure everyone knew this except me...
You can't just put www the http part is required:

von Randall - am 09.02.2017 14:48
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