WB14 : Sending Emails using google App Gmail? STARTTLS

Startbeitrag von Dan Matis am 07.06.2011 22:01

I switched my emailing from my server to google apps. Sending emails from my old server worked fine by using port 25 and mail.mywebsite.com as the smtp server.

Now I am trying to send emails from my google apps email address using the smtp.gmail.com server but I am getting errors. If I use port 587 or 25. It says I must issue a STARTTSL command first and if I use port 465 I get an error but I do not know what it is??

How do I issue the command STARTTLS in webdev?

... Thanks ... Dan


Don't know about google mail, but this applies to yahoo and most other mail sites; they don't allow you to use them for sending mail without actually being on their site. To do it in yahoo, you actually have to subscribe to their mail+ upgrade.

This may be the problem you are facing.



von issah - am 07.06.2011 23:44
did you try with the EmailOptionSecuredTLS constant in the EmailStartSMTPSession?

von Paulo Oliveira - am 08.06.2011 13:21
Sorry, My mistake.

EmailOptionSecuredTLS only appears in V15.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 08.06.2011 14:13

I understand that SSL is not supported in v.14. I'd use some COM (I don't remember the name now) to do that, not native WD functions.


von RAUL - am 08.06.2011 23:18
As far as i can tell in V14 encryption is only available for POP3 not for SMTP

von Paulo Oliveira - am 09.06.2011 08:48

Thank you for your information.

The example is exactly what I was looking to do.
( http://doc.windev.com/en-US/?3032025&name=emailstartsmtpsession-function )

I have a copy of V15 but have not upgrade the live system, yet.

I guess it is time to make the move.

Thanks again!


von Dan Matis - am 09.06.2011 13:21
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