[WD12] Resource #13 not found

Startbeitrag von Stefan Bentvelsen am 09.06.2011 09:31

Hi all,

since last weeks I sometimes get an error on a multilingual message. In the sourcecode of a window is i.e. a multilingual messagenumber 2013. If I click on the flag after it, I get the right message in the selected languages (4). If I run the code, I get on the line with the message a runtime error:

Resource #13 not found in 'OND_VOORUITB' element.

where OND_VOORUITB is the window name. In the past are some messages of the window deleted, but til some weeks ago it never caused problems. Is there a way to correct this?

Same kind of strange behavier I have on another window. There is a multiligual message which shows the right value for all the 4 languages if I click on it in the code on the flag, but at runtime it shows another message, not visible in the list of multilingual messages. Most strange effect is that if I copy the window to WD16 and run the application, everything is OK!


Hey Stefan,

try to save the window with "File->Save As" option with another name and check if you have still the problem in that new window.

Int. WD/WB/WM Senior Consultant

von Xavier - am 09.06.2011 15:16

Re: [WD12] Resource #13 not found: SOLVED!

Hi Xavier,

thanks very much for this working solution ! I own you a presentation next (last) friday (of the month) in Meer. About printing in W-language code.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 09.06.2011 17:44
Graag gedaan...:)

Okido, just let me know when and what the title is.


von Xavier - am 09.06.2011 17:58
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