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WebDev 15 - Is it possible to run a Procedure from another WebDev Project?

Startbeitrag von Joel am 04.07.2011 17:31

Hi everyone -

I know you can run a procedure from a page other than the one you're currently displaying in a WebDev project, but can you run a procedure from a project other that the one your in at the moment?

I think the answer to this is just to use Classes and share them using the SCM, but I thought I'd ask anyways...


Hi Joel,
I am not sure what you want to archive.
In case that you want multi-application communication there are several ways to implement such an architecture.

Case A Applications/programs live on different machines
1 RPC remote procedure call
2 Implement a WebService
3 Sockets

Case B Application live on the same machine
1 Pipes/named Pipes (Windows only)
2 Sockets

Maybe I misunderstood your request, but classes and SCM have nothing to do with inter-app communication.
You see, in order to give a reasonable answer, a few more detail could help.

von BLS (Bjoern Lietz-Spendig) - am 04.07.2011 23:33
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