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Learning Windev - how to cancel code edits

Startbeitrag von PurpleEdge am 05.07.2011 09:36

Just working through the tutorial and confused that there is no save and cancel buttons in the code editor. If I close the window my edits get saved, how do I cancel edits?



Have you tried control-Z? It cancels deletions and takes a away changes one character or line at a time


von Ola - am 06.07.2011 09:26

The previous version of the object is also stored in the Backup directory.
You can open it using the standard IDE menu or you can do a compare and merge via the File menu...



von Peter H. - am 06.07.2011 10:32
In the Options for the code editor, there is a setting to "Save the history of code modifications." (new in WD16). I guess you could use this to roll back code changes if you need to.


von Michael Q - am 06.07.2011 10:45
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