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WD15: Multicolumn report

Startbeitrag von Piet van Zanten am 08.07.2011 08:51


Has anyone used a multicolumn report with two break levels?
The header of break 2 appears only on top of the page, while break header 1 appears in the column as it should.
Any workarounds?

grtz, Piet


Hi Piet,

Sounds to me like a typical page layout problem which can relatively easily be solved with proper tools.

I dunno how that can be done in WD only, but if I had to do it, I would use WD + a Corel Ventura page layout program (VP):

1) define a page tag with necessary columns; paragraph tags with styles, breaks etc. in Ventura and save the VP file.

2) make the necessary output code in WD to spit out each line of data preceded with the appropriate tag names to a text or rtf file. Use line breaks at the end of body lines and paragraph breaks only at the end of paragraphs, unless the body paragraphs are very long, in which case they should be "cut" with paragraph breaks at certain intervals.

3) at the end of the procedure, call Ventura with the filename saved in stage 1.

During the first call to Ventura, read in the text file and see how it runs, formats itself and creates pages as necessary. Do any necessary fine adjustments to the tags only, not to the text. Define the file to be automatically read (and saved) at each start/closure of Ventura.

Next time you run the program, all this will happen automatically. You can then check the text and layout in Ventura and print it from there. Ventura could also be automated to do the printing automatically, but that probably is not preferable here. It's good the check the layout before printing.

This will give limitless possibilities and complete control to automatically format the text (to any number of columns and any layout) and send the output to a printer or postscript or PDF file, with less gray hair.

That's how I produce my catalogs, price lists, web pages etc with the exception that so far I am still using Clarion Professional Developer instead of WD. I am sure it can also be done with WD, but not just as fast:-). One of my next tasks will be to modify my age-old Clarion page layouting procedures to W-language.

best regards

P.S. Contrary to some misleading info in the internet, Ventura X works very well in my Win 7 64 bits machine (actually better than WD). Price/quality/feature/automation-wise it is superior to any other page layout program, but I would not recommend it for beginners who still search for the "any key" or don't know the difference between files and folders...

von Ola - am 08.07.2011 10:21
Hi Ola,

Thanks, but that's too complicated a solution for a relatively small problem.
I'll stick with the report editor.
I found a solution BTW:
I removed all the controls from the table (made them separate items), deleted the table and then it worked as expected. Seems like a bug.

grtz, Piet

von Piet van Zanten - am 09.07.2011 08:13
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