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[WD16] How to change the file links in all controls of a form type window?

Startbeitrag von Ola am 10.07.2011 07:40

Hello world/monde,

Is there a way to change the file links in all (or several) controls of a form type window with one command/operation? So far the only way I have found is to go to the description of a control, link tab, and change the link there, one control at a time, which is rather laborious. WD's search and replace seems to be unable to change this kind of information, although it is helpful in finding the links. I also checked the window file on disk to see if the links could be changed there with a hex editor, but everything there is scrambled beyond recognition, so no luck.

I only need to change the file reference, the field items are named the same in both files.

best regards


Hi Ola,

This is one of the main drawbacks form WX's closed technology. Years ago I requested an enhancement where it would be possible to script mass updates in e.g. the analysis attributes (e.g. modify all string fields to Unicode strings by a singel command) or make mass updates against window objects' attributes. In most cases -where one needs to make this sort of mass updates- development with WX becomes unfortunately 'ten times slower' having to go through each individual object.

I've never seen an enhancement to allow scripting against WX object attributes and I guess we will most likely never see it. It remains a very closed system in this area...



von Peter H. - am 10.07.2011 09:32
Hi Peter,

Thanks for the confirmation, so I don't waste any more time with this, I just wrap my sleeves up and do down to the slave work department, 10 times slower. It's like cutting timber with a chain saw, but without gas...

One thing I am really flabbergasted about is the fact that WD's search and replace function cannot replace simple data like this! I wonder why.

best regards

von Ola - am 10.07.2011 12:07
Hi Ola,

I also did a request to PCSoft to be able to link a file to a window, just like a table.
In a table this works great, if you change the content tab, all items with the same name are automatically linked to the new source.

I use a workaround using the F4 key. I modify the link of one control and use F4 to link all other controls to this item too. Then I select the link tab for each control and modify it.
This wil save you the endless scrolling to the file link.

Best regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 10.07.2011 14:50

Maybe PCS is too busy trying to invent the next 998 new features from their own Stetson for the next version that they do not have time to consider the real needs of the developers...

That's a good hint you gave, thanks.

best regards

von Ola - am 10.07.2011 16:17
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