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Finding HF C/S servers in LAN ?

Startbeitrag von GuenterP am 04.08.2008 11:59

Hi, I want to find a list of the HF C/S servers (by name) available to a workgroup within a LAN. There is no such command like HListServer(..) in WinDev. Inspecting the project WD_Reseau (WD7) from WindAsso ( http://www.windasso.org/cgi-bin/gespage.exe?exec=index&lg=gb ) shows a working application which lists all resources reachable from the current computer. Before, I used a small DLL that just looked for the available computers in a LAN, but that doesn't work anymore on Vista64. Any ideas?

Kind regards,


Hi Guenter,

Ping() and HServerStatus() perhaps a little help?

Kind Regards


von Thomas - am 04.08.2008 17:23
Hi Thomas, thank you!

However, for Ping(..) you need to know the IP or NetMachineName(..) of the connected computers of the same workgroup in the network first. This is the main problem. I do not intend to scan all ports (65000) of the connected computers but rather would reduce the scanned ports to 4900 - 5000, forcing those who install a Manta service on their computers to that range of ports.

So, I'm looking for a small routine to list those computers of the network which are visible to that workstation. After that I'd test the possible 100 ports for being a HF C/S server an try to get a status from it. After successful 'contact' I'd ListAdd the server:port to a combo-box.

Kind regards,

von GuenterP - am 04.08.2008 19:34
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