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WinDev .NET Assembly accessible via COM

Startbeitrag von windevn00b am 25.07.2011 13:46

Hello girls and boys,

I've created a WinDev .NET Assembly, and I'm trying to make it accessible via COM so that it can be called from a VB6 application. There is some rationale behind this madness but I'd rather not go there as it's too depressing. let's just say I need to access it via COM and leave it at that.

So, I create a class in my WinDev 16 component, and I leave the constructor blank, as suggested, and I add a single method that does stuff. Nice and easy.

I check out the compilation options and sure enough, there is "Generate a .NET Assembly".

I follow the instructions in http://doc.windev.com/en-US/?2012003

I've created a .SNK file, no problem, and I pick "Accessible by COM", and I point it at the .SNK file. That part of it goes swimmingly, not a problem. I did, by the way, try this both with the 2.0 framework and the 4.0 framework.

Where I am getting stuck is on what to do next. I can't run RegSvr32.exe for the generated DLL. It doesn't like that. When I pick "Create the setup procedure of the Assembly", none of the generated setups appear to include the DLL file (!?!?!?). When I manually drop the DLL into C:\Windows\assembly it does appear to "install" it, at least when compiled for the .NET 2.0 Framework. But even though it then appears as listed in c:\windows\assembly, the VB6 project from which I try to invoke it appears to know nothing about the component, and I cannot instantiate the class no matter what I try. Nor is there anything in the registry that looks like the registration of a COM component (or -placeholder) for this assembly.

There is one example in the aforementioned link but it's for C++ and it talks about a .tlb which does not appear to get generated when I generate the Assembly.

I'm sure I'm doing something fairly trivial wrong. But what?


I tried generating a .tlb using RegAsm on the generated DLL. It created the .tlb

I then managed to make the VB6 project recognise the .tlb

However, if I then try to instantiate the object I get a "file not found" error. I tried copying everything that was generated into the system32 directory (which is most definitely in my path), including the WD160*net*.dll files ... to no avail


von windevn00b - am 25.07.2011 14:20
*sigh* ... two steps forward, one step back.

I managed to make it work with a very simple example DLL. The solution in that particular case was to run REGASM.EXE [dllname.dll] /tlb:[dllname.tlb] /codebase - the addition of /codebase solved the problem.

However, I then proceeded to try again with my original component and now when I instantiate the class - and I do nothing whatsoever in the constructor - it returns an "automation error"

von windevn00b - am 25.07.2011 15:06
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