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Shared Analysis Getting out of Synch

Startbeitrag von Stephen Myers.pcs.crosspost am 27.07.2011 07:03

I have two main projects, one in WD16 and one in WB16. Each were setup to share a single analysis, with connections to tables in a couple HFCS databases and a MYSQL database. All projects including the analysis are in SCM. Originally, in version 15, I had the analysis defined in WB and WD used the analysis. At some point after upgrading to version 16 I started having issues with the analysis. First, relationship/links weren't being respected (delete a Master record and its child record in the linked table no longer got deleted). Then I noticed that the Generation number of the analysis in WD was not matching WB.

It seems they have now evolved separately (though they are still connecting to the same databases). I've had issues before where windev "thinks" there are more connections then their really are, especially when you use code that changes the connection definition (for example development machines access HFCS through a firewall while production connect directly). This was never a problem before once I uncheck the duplicate connections during generation.

Sorry for the long detail, but I am at a loss as to how to correct this. I have over 360 tables. The though of trying to rebuild all this is daunting. Even when I try to create a new project and analysis all the tables get imported with the "_FIC" appended to the name. So even if I went through the trouble, my code would be unusable since the HF filenames wouldn't match.

How can I correct this to get the projects using the same analysis without diverging down the road? Is there a best practice for this? Should I create a separate project that is just the analysis?

Stephen Myers

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Hi, moving parts of or the full analysis to another project is easy: copy & paste. Show the analysis at 10% and do a lasso to mark all tables which you want to transfer, do Ctrl-C for 'copy' - go to the blank analysis of the second project and do a Ctrl-V. All tables are copied. The hard work follows - you have to re-arrange all files. But this is a mechanical job, all files and their definitions were copied. Importing by using regular 'Import' will give you lots of unexpected surprises!
Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 27.07.2011 09:12
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