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HFSC V16 Adding FIC to filenames

Startbeitrag von Stephen Myers.pcs.crosspost am 27.07.2011 07:03

Ever since upgrade to version 16 when I import a HFCS table into an analysis, WD appends "_FIC" to the table name. This is really a pain. It means I can't easily copy and paste code from an old project since the filename of the table is different.

How can I turn this off?

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Hi, you can simply copy and paste files fropm one analysis diagram to another! If more than one file is to be copied, use reduce the display ratio - for copying a big analysis, use 10% and do a lasso with the mouse to mark the files, do a Ctrl-C. Go to the second analysis and do a Ctrl-V to insert the copied files. Downside: the diagram collapses and you have to rearrange files + relations. That's it. Guenter

von Jimbo - am 27.07.2011 13:44
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