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[WD] Video files inside HF Classic table

Startbeitrag von RAUL am 12.08.2011 20:18

Hello guys. Let me please ask for your advise one more time.

I need to develop an app which will be executed stand-alone, single user, on a box. This app will have a local HF Classic DB holding some info (mainly text), but, it must have some images and videos along with that info.

The issue is that this DB should be updated remotely because this app will be installed on several boxes, each one having different content to show. Then I think in having 1 hosting box which will hold all the content (info + images + videos) from all remote ones. The management must be centralized.

Solution 1:
The local DB only holds data on its tables. The multimedia content resides on local directories and the DB only have their pointers (full path and name.)

Solution 2:
All the multimedia content is embeded along with the data into the local DB.

Because I'm -maybe- a little lazy right now, I like approach 2 'cause I only have to synchronize the DB. The issue here is that a video file could be too large and I don't if the HF Classic DB will work ok or will crash.

What would you do according your experiences?

Thanks a lot in advance.


I have always favored the "everything in the db" approach. The database should not be a problem. You could always scale up to MySQL or one of the free native access databases for better performance.

Please not however, when accessing the data, anytime you include the column with the video, your query will be slow. You may have to split your tables into two, a one-to-one table holding the blob which you query only when necessary.



von issah - am 13.08.2011 08:37
Hi Issah, thanks for your comments.

If I have a query involving only non-blob fields, is it slow anyway?

I'm still making some flow and deployment diagrams, not working on the proyect yet (I hope they approve it!!!!!!!!!!!) but I think that access to that content (regular data + blob) will be done by Hxxxxx() functions directly agains the HFClassic DB instead of issuing queries.


von RAUL - am 13.08.2011 14:35
Anyone else can share his/her experience about embedding blob content on HF tables?

von RAUL - am 16.08.2011 14:39
Hi Raoul ,

In my opinion the best way is to put a url or urn in your database and store your multimedia on a share

I made some applications with jpg and mpeg and most of them goes well with blob fields until you reach a size of >2.5 GB my mpeg are > 500 < 750 mb each
The response was really to slow because first the blob has to be openened and loaded in memory

When you put the multimedia files'on a share you skip this fase

Regards Ab

von Abl - am 18.08.2011 08:57
How big are your blobs?


von issah - am 18.08.2011 09:39
Most prominent database providers advise developers to store media files
in a physical directory but holding the path+filename in an indexed
tableColumn instead for STREAMING PURPOSE.

For storing purpose, it's ok to store it in a blob/binary field for classic HF
but there's a limit in Client/Server HF, something around 250GB (WHY???)
(Pls check windev site for the limitation).

Of course, technology keeps changing, eg. usb 3.0 external HD could
perform faster read/write than traditional internal HD ie storing media files
in classic HF makes no harm at all as it might take a few second to
retrieve from binary field into a media file and placing it in a specific dir
for streaming purpose. But it may be an issue if your website has lots of
fans streaming diff. videos in a second then, it might scratch your HD very often
even you have got a super fast HD.



von King - am 18.08.2011 11:17
Thanks a lot for your responses.

This is intended to be coded in WD. The app will be executed on a Win box with a touch screen. In this moment I don't have an estimated file size, but the idea is to show pictures and small videos (let's say 2 -5 min top) with some business information. I guess video sizes should be restricted to 50 Mb or something like that.

There will be no streaming, all the content will be shown on the same box from its local HF Classic DB.


von RAUL - am 19.08.2011 14:27
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