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sending messages

Startbeitrag von Bart am 08.09.2011 10:05


I want to make a function in my application letting users sending messages to another pc in the LAN.
I think have to make a service running on every pc, reading a socket and if there is a message, display it.

Can someone point me in the right direction how to implement this or has anybody an example ? Thanks



If you are using HFCS and all PCs are connected to the database, maybe you can let HF manage the sending of messages (see HSendMessageToClient)


von Walter Dieltjens - am 08.09.2011 11:21
Hi Walter, thanks for the suggestion but unfortunatly it isn't C/S.
Thanks anyway,

von Bart - am 09.09.2011 13:38
Hi Bart

a very simple way to implement this IF itis supposed to work when your application is running is to add a MESSAGE file to your DB. When somebody sends a message, he/she write in fact the message in the file, along with the destination.

In each program, a timer runs and look if the message file was added to (hversion)... if it's the case, it reads the file to see if there is any message for the current user (user login, group of user, ALL, everyhting is manageable)

A good point of that method is that somebody logging in later than the other will find his messages waiting for him in the file

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.09.2011 15:30
Could always pump out a "net send" ...

ExeRun("net send " + sParams)

or If Windows 7

ExeRun("msg.exe " + sParams)


von Georgio - am 09.09.2011 19:51
Hello Bart

There is a conference component and also a separate messaging client and server app in the examples that may be worth looking at.


von Al - am 09.09.2011 23:02

Thank you all for the suggestions.
I'm gonna work it out the way Fabrice described it.

Have a nice day !

von Bart - am 12.09.2011 08:57
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