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open HF in Windev 5.5 format

Startbeitrag von Bart am 15.09.2011 09:19


Is it possible in WD16 to work / open hyperfiles in Windev 5.5 format ?
I got some hf from a supplier (the data must be imported in my database), but when i try to open them with WDMAP for example,I get an error opening the files because they are in Windev 5.5 format (or earlier)

Is there a way to workaround ?



One more thing : I don't have the 5.5 analysis.

von Bart - am 15.09.2011 09:27
Hi Bart

the only way I know, if your file is not encrypted, is a small utility
written long ago by Dominique Daussy and available here:

Best regards

Fabrice Harari
Consultant WinDev, WebDev, et WinDev Mobile international

On 15/09/2011 06:42, Bart wrote:
> One more thing : I don't have the 5.5 analysis.
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von Fabrice Harari.pcs.crosspost - am 15.09.2011 13:14
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